• Amarettos 11th Birthday Goodies Gala!!

    Posted August 19, 2021 by Josie

    Eleven years!! Can you believe it??? We are super excited to celebrate with all of you, our beloved breeders. Wednesday Sept 1st 2021 will will do just that, and in usual Amaretto form, we will have prizes, partying, live guests and more!! You do not want to miss this!!

  • 2021 Limited Edition Faun Shetland

    Posted May 7, 2021 by Josie

    Hey everyone! Happy Friyay! I hope that everyone is having a great day! I am so excited to announce to you that the 2021 Limited Edition - Faun Shetland is here! Thats right its been a long journey from submissions, to voting, on to the final voting! The 2021 Limited Edition Faun Shetland has been...

  • 2020 Black Friday Sale!!

    Posted November 27, 2020 by Josie

    Just a quick note to say hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday!! Also we wanted to let everyone know about the Black Friday sale that has hit all Amaretto main stores today!! Please look for the shopping display to get the special Black Friday deals!

  • Cocktails Anyone?

    Posted September 3, 2020 by Josie

    Cocktails! Cocktails! Cocktails! Who doesn’t love a Cocktail?Well this months mystery sale is……… Cocktails and more! This month the following items will be discounted by 50%: Amaretto Cocktail Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Poultry Glow Amaretto Ponie Pa...

  • July Mystery Sale is here!

    Posted July 2, 2020 by Josie

    Its that time again to announce the new Mystery Sale items of the month! Back by popular demand we are selling the Forever Foal, Perpetual Puppy, Beloved Birds and the Everlasting Ponie! All of these will be on sale for the entire month of July 2020!!How much you say? Well they will be HALF PRICE!!!...

  • 2020 Celestial Crystal Editions!!

    Posted June 10, 2020 by Josie

    Looking to the stars for a time of peace and distraction is good for anyones soul. So we have released these beautiful animals just for that! Starting today June 10th through June 24th you can pick you up some of these out of this world animals. The do not have to be bred together and do have some p...

  • Ponie Update 2.0 has Arrived!!!

    Posted May 25, 2020 by Josie

    We are excited to release the latest update for our beloved Ponies! Please read all of the notecards included before updating. There are lots of new surpirses coming your way with this sweet little ponies! Below is the one of the update notecards included in the pack ***AFTER Monday June 8, 2020...

  • May Mystery Sale!

    Posted May 1, 2020 by Josie

    Hey everyone its that time of the month! Thats right May Mystery Sale! From May 1st until May 31st! This months mystery sale items are 50% off!! And they are: Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie N...

  • Pop-up Sale, and Double Points Day!!

    Posted April 1, 2020 by Josie

    With the world being the way it is right now we wanted to take this day which usually is for games and trickery and turn it into a day of giving and saving. So today we are offering all our our animals consumables and food at 20% off. At each of the four MAIN STORES you will see this type of display...

  • Incubator Fix!!

    Posted March 20, 2020 by Josie

    Attention all Bird Breeders!! As most of you know we have been working with secondlife on an issue that started last week with birds rezzing tons of nests and nests not birthing from incubators properly. Secondlife has not got back to us yet with a fix so we took it into our own hands to get one ou...