Letter to the Community

  • The Amaretto Team would like to apologize to the entire community for the problems that have plagued the horses since release.  We would like to start by explaining to you what happened.  The server we had set up for the horses thought that it was under attack when all the horses started being rezzed after release.  We had spoken with them prior to release and they had assured us all would go smoothly when we released.  They obviously let us down and in the process all of you who had waited so patiently for the big day.  To prevent this from happening in the future we have contracted a new server company and feel confident they understand our needs and that the new server can handle these needs.
    We wanted to do something to thank you all who have gone through this with us (and hopefully prevent any thoughts of sending us to the glue factory) so we have designed a very special Gift for the ones who purchased Amaretto Horses prior to the “Great Server Melt-Down of 2010”.
    That is the good news ….here is the bad
    Due to us having to switch to a new provider all the bundles that were sold will have to be replaced with new bundles as the horses will no longer function properly (breed, birth, update etc.) You will need to delete all bundles in your inventory, and the horses you already birthed need to be sent in to Jaymee Caproni or Avalon Crystal in a folder with your full name as the folder name so that we can send you replacements for what you purchased (If you have already sent in your horses for defects or deleted them please disregard). All of you that have purchased Amaretto Horse Starter, Breeder or Rancher’s packs from the vendors will have new packs sent to you as quickly as possible. Please bare with us as we will be sending them individually. You only need to delete your bundles and send in already birthed horses as the food and salt licks will still function properly.
    Along with your replacement bundles you will also be receiving ONE  Special Appreciation gift  per person. Once we have returned the bundles to everyone who had purchased already then we will begin sales at the store locations for the rest of the community. We will send notice when these locations are up and running.
    We sincerely apologize to all of you and extend our deepest gratitude for your patience, support and understanding.  We feel confident after seeing all the support over the past 2 days that Amaretto Breedables already has the makings of one pretty darn Amazing community.
    All our Thanks
    The Amaretto Team