Intro to Amaretto Packs!!

  • Amaretto has started a new program today called "Intro to Amaretto". We have placed vendors all over secondlife giving away free Amaretto breedables and consumables to avatars who have never had any of our products before. It's crazy but some people in secondlife have never heard of breedables and we thought this would be a good way to introduce them to the biggest breedable company in secondlife! If you have a market, mall, store, club or anywhere you think might be a good spot for one of these vendors, please write myself, Josaphine Cooperstone, or Avalon Crystal and we can come place one out. Hope everyone is having a good start to this new year and look forward, as we do, to all the new things this year will bring. Happy Breeding y'all!

    Posted the ncs contents below:


    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Amaretto!


    Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC was established September 2010 by Josaphine and Jaysin Cooperstone with the release of Amaretto Horses into Second Life. Amaretto Ranch Breedable Horses took the Second Life grid by storm and very quickly became a leader in the breedables industry. With a loyal team around them the Cooperstone’s have maintained the success of the Amaretto Horses by adding new and exciting things often keeping the Amaretto Community constantly guessing what’s next.


    As happens with most ranches, growth is inevitable, and Amaretto Ranch Breedables had a growth spurt by adding two more breedables to the grid. In August of 2011 Amaretto Breedable K-9s joined the Amaretto Horses on the ranch much to the delight of many in the Amaretto Community. Then in May of 2012 the Amaretto Barnyard Birds came flocking onto the grid. Then in June 2017 we released our 4th animal the Ponie Pals! With horses, K-9s, Bids and Ponies the Amaretto Ranch stays very busy while maintaining themselves as a driving force in the breedables industry of Second Life.


    Enclosed is Introductory packs to each one of our fun fill breedable animals. There is a male and female as well as one breeder food/barley/grub and one salt lick/chew toy/orange rind/gummy bear. All of these items are no transfer and can be used by you the owner only, including the food. Once the animals breed and drop you a little surprise, that offspring will be transferable to do with what you like. There are manuals to each of the items in the boxes. Links are posted below to our online manuals and links to our groups in world that will be helpful to join to ask questions or keep up to date on all things Amaretto.


    Again we would like to welcome you and hope you have fun raising, breeding and playing with all of our awesome breedable animals!!


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