• Let the August Fun Begin!!

    Posted July 22 by Josie Cooperstone

    Happy Saturday everyone!! Today I am announcing some Birthstone Flower Horse, K-9 Zodiac, and Birthstone Bird awesomeness! Let’s start with our beloved Barnyard Birds, starting August 1st thru August 31st breed any two birds with the Toxic Slime Beak and have a chance at the new August Peridot...

  • May Mystery Sale will make you Happy!

    Posted May 1 by Josie Cooperstone

    It's that time again, yep time for a new Mystery Sale Item, so to make you happy and your Amaretto breedables too, we have set the Salt Licks, Chew Toys, and Orange Rinds packs at 10% off the whole month of May!! Hope you all have a great month and Happy Breeding!!

  • Phantom Horn Bundle Updater Fix!!

    Posted April 27 by Josie Cooperstone

    Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Thursday! I wanted to touch on an issue that we are aware of with all regular horses that have the saddle and wing trait. These horses may have a white, non-textured horn sculpt attached to a horse that does not have a horn showing in the stats. We have releas...

  • And the new Beta Testers are??

    Posted February 22 by Josie Cooperstone

    We have selected our new Beta Testers from the hundreds of applicants who submitted ncs. All invites have been sent, so if you see your name on this list and have not received your invite, please im myself, Avalon or Jaymee to have another sent to you. Thank you to all who submitted ncs we appreciat...

  • February Mystery Sale!!

    Posted February 1 by Josie Cooperstone

    Happy February!! Since this month is know for Love.... we decided to put all of our starter packs on sale, to spread the love and breeding <3 From Feb 1st thru Feb 28th 2017, all starter packs are now 10% off!! Still want to discover some of those wild hairs?? Here is your chance to get those sta...

  • A.R.U. 7th Graduation Planned!

    Posted January 3 by Josie Cooperstone

    Wow! It's time for another graduation at A.R.U. We have many applications coming in and we wanted to give everyone the heads up! Our 7th (yes 7th!!) Graduation is scheduled for Friday January 27th 3pm slt. So if you need to finish up a few classes, and you do not see them listed on this months sched...

  • New Office Hours?

    Posted November 7, 2016 by Josie Cooperstone

    In order to server our community better, we have set up new office hours for some of our staff. What does this mean? It means that there will be staff members available at the horse main store through out the day to help in any way they can. We have placed online boards at the main store so that our...

  • Amaretto Comeback Packs!!

    Posted September 24, 2016 by Josie Cooperstone

         To Our Wonderful Community Members... past and present...Did you know that Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC was established September 2010 by Josaphine and Jaysin Cooperstone with the release of Amaretto Horses into Second Life. After 6 amazing years, we at Amaretto appreciate ever...

  • 6th Birthday Fiesta and Annual Breeders Choice Awards!

    Posted August 14, 2016 by Josie Cooperstone

    Amaretto is busy planning our 6th Birthday Fiesta!! We have an awesome party planned. As always we will have live music, prizes and so much more! Stay tuned for more details!! We will be having our 4th Annual Amaretto Breeders Choice awards! These awards have been a hit for the past 3 years, how ...

  • Amaretto Gender Reveal!

    Posted August 11, 2016 by Avalon Crystal

    Hey everyone how are you enjoying your day?! I wanted to tell you guys about a SUPER SURPRISE. The other day I asked everyone to take the time to write me and send some ideas that you guys wanted to see Amaretto do!! After reading over the notecards and making a list of some of the things that you ...