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Sometimes its hard to say Goodbye!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter and got to make some memories with family and friends! Did you get to take advantage of the 48 hour sale? I hope so!

I have some news for everyone, as of Friday April 19, 2019 Jaymee Caproni is no longer associated with Amaretto.
Jaymee has been apart of the Amaretto family since day 1! We are sad to see Jaymee go, however we understand that sometimes you have to move on.

Jaymee will be missed however, we are committed more than ever to making sure that each breeder has a great Amaretto experience. We will not be replacing Jaymee at this time.

I know a lot of you are wondering what to do with those old school forever foals?! Well if you have a old forever foal that needs to be sent in, please just file a ticket and we will get you all fixed up!

Please dont worry, I do not think this will cause a ticket slow down or effect any of the events that we currently hold.
Thanks for 9 great years Jaymee!

Happy breeding everyone, this is Ava over and out!

Community Wild Hair Library

Hey Everyone,

First of all, Happy Easter!

Today I wanted to talk about a new section Bazza and I set up on our website The Amaretto Family (The Amaretto Family is not ran by Amaretto, it’s ran by myself and Bazza.)
Bazza and I have noticed at the Amaretto community meetings and in the groups that a lot of you would like some kind of Wild Hair wiki page.

Although you can use the official wiki to look up the coat and check out it’s hair when trying to find out what a wild hair looks like, we understand that some of the pictures don’t show the hairs in as much detail as you would like so we decided to add a section to our site where YOU the breeders can take pictures of wild hairs that you have in world and add your own Wild hairs to the library as long as it hasnt been submitted before.

This means all of us can compile our own “wiki” of wildhairs.

You can check out the Wild Hair Library here:

To post one, make sure you are signed up and signed into the site. All you need to do is first search if the hair you want to post is already posted by typing the name of the wild hair into the search bar at the top and clicking enter, if it doesnt come up. You are good to go!

Then just go to the section the hair should be in, such as Limited Edition, or Crazed, etc and read the requirements for the wild hair submission at the top of that page to make sure your picture matches the criteria. Click “Start New Topic”, input the Wild Hair name as it is in the stats in-world in the title bar, then upload the picture and submit your post for review.

Once myself or Bazza checks it over it should appear in the library relatively quickly.

Thats all from me today & I hope you are all having a great Easter!

Hugs Marku

Duck Legs!!

Hello everyone hope you are all having a great day before Easter!!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the awesome leg trait for our ducks.

Duck Legs traits were released hidden inside of starter ducks on October 8, 2018 with the release of version 1.0! The Duck Legs trait comes from breeding “Starter breed” together or one starter with any other Duck.

From October 20, 2018 through Nov 3, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Halloween with the first Duck Collectors Edition, the Bloody leg was hiding in the 2018 Halloween Edition

On March 9th 2019 Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with 2019 Collectors Edition Luck of the Irish animals that you could purchase until March 22nd, 2019. These Horses were hiding the Shamrock Leg!

Please note that there are currently 9 different Duck Legs available and that these Duck Legs CAN be passed on.



So now it’s time to start making some cool designer ducks matching up these awesome legs to all the other duck traits.  Not sure what is available?  Well check out all the duck traits on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie saying have a great weekend.

Happy Easter & Happy Breeding!!

Easter 48 hour sale!

Hello everyone! Today is a great day at Amaretto! Today is Good Friday!
The ‘Good’ in Good Friday comes from old English when Good meant Holy. So you could call Good Friday, ‘Holy Friday’.

There are parades all over the world to celebrate and remember Good Friday. In Spain and some other countries, people who are very sorry for their wrong doings (called ‘Penitents’) walk through the streets wearing long robes with hoods and carrying a big cross of wood.

In some countries, including the U.K., sometimes a single person or group of church members carry a large wooden cross, around the streets near the church, before the Good Friday service. They may be also followed by the rest of the people going to church. Sometimes they will stop and have a reading from the Bible or sing a song before going to the service.

In some Central and South American countries there will be a procession of statues to the church before the service. These are often statues of Jesus, Mary and other saints. In Greece, people go to the church in a procession as if they were going to a funeral. Some Orthodox and Catholic churches have models of tombs as the centre piece of the service to help people remember Jesus died.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, it is a special time for many people.

Amaretto wanted to celebrate Good Friday and Easter with a 48 hour sale! That is right every Amaretto consumable will be discounted by 20%! Thats right! So stock up while you can! Take advantage of this deal and remember to take some time and spend it with the ones you love and enjoy a 3 day weekend if you get one!

*****This sale will run TODAY thru Sunday! SALE items are located outside the main store! Look for the shopping cart!*****

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!

My breedable is hungry!

Hey guys its Ava! I hope everyone is enjoyig this Terrific Tuesday!

So with all the craziness that has been in sl the past couple of days I wanted to talk to you about sick Horses, K-9s, Barnyard Birds, and Ponies!

Ive seen a few people saying that their horses aren’t eating, I know there are several breedable market sims that have had known issues. I wanted to go over a few simple checks to make sure that all your settings are correct. I know some of you have been breeding Amaretto for years and know everything there is to know, but sometimes its only a setting that will keep your breedable from eating,

So here is Ava’s check list for a breedable that is not eating:

1. Are scripts turned on?
2. Is the food set to All, Owner Only, or Group?
3. Is the breedable set to to correct food breedable or pet?
4 Is the food within range?
5. Is my breedable frozen or duplicated?
6. Is my food duplicated? (check for a uuid in the description field of the food)
7. Did i rerezz the breedable?
8. Is my breedable up to date?

If you go thru all these questions and still can not figure out why your breedable is not eating you should go ahead and file a ticket to have a csr come out. I cant tell you how many times ive went to a breeders and its a simple setting that is keeping their breedable from eating! It can happen even to the seasoned breeder!

If your breedable is sick currently it will take 3 days for them to eat thier way out of sickness, unless you are talking about ponies, ponies must have ponie noodle soup once they have this poine is sick above their head!

So happy breeding and eating everyone!
This is Ava over and out!

Points Of Contact!

Hey everyone guess what its Thursday! I wanted to take some time today to talk to you about something I am very passionate about and that is that you as a customer of Amaretto can always find help or talk to someone if you need help!

There are a few different ways that you can get in touch with Amaretto!

If it is within normal business hours you can go to the main horse store and see who is online and use the paging system to speak with someone.

Another way that you can get in touch with Amaretto is by filing a ticket! We answer all tickets, even the ones that may be considered silly or not ticket worthy. So we will respond to any ticket filed. This is a great way to communicate because you can access your tickets anytime on our support page and it also keeps a record for us!

Everyday during the week the Assistant Manager of Amaretto Mrs. Jaymee Caproni holds a Q and A time at the main horse store watch for her in the groups telling you when she will be there, head on over and say hello!

Also located at every Amaretto location is a suggestion mail box, so if you have a great idea that you want to share with Amaretto you can put it in a nc and drop it in any mailbox!

On the last Wednesday of ever month, Amaretto hosts a community meeting where everyone is welcome to attend, and the floor is open to discuss any issue you may be having with your breeadble! Also you might learn some secrets if you attend!

The last resort way to contact Amaretto would be sending a notecard or a message to a Amaretto staff member, for instance if you can not sign into the support website and need some help you can send Avalon Crystal a notecard and I will get back to you ASAP!

Wait! I almost forgot probably the way that most of you guys talk is the Amaretto groups during business hours staff is always in the group during the week. If it is a weekend or the middle of the night we have moderators that are online and a ton of community members that will help you as well!

With all these different ways for you to be in contact with Amaretto, you should have no problem getting any help if you need it! Also if you would like to tell me about your experience with Amaretto good or bad you can send me a notecard thats Avalon Crystal! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Amaretto Community Meetings!

Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Friday to you all!! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Guess what is coming up on the 27th… our monthly Community meeting! Our community meetings are a great way to get your questions, comments, and suggestions in. Also, we tend to let little secrets slip during the meetings! So it is worth taking the time out to attend! 😉 The meetings are a perfect way to meet our staff members and a great way to meet fellow breeders and community members! The community meeting is important to attend and participate in. It gives the breeders a voice and helps us know how you guys our customers are doing with our products.Amaretto takes pride in always trying to keep things new and bring innovation to our products. This is your chance to give input and be heard.

Our next community meeting is coming up this Wednesday March 27, 2018! Don’t miss out! Bring your questions and comments! We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to check the calendar each month for all of our event info! You can find the Amaretto Ranch event calendar at this link:

Happy breeding and meeting going!

Until next time….

All About the Tints!

Hi everyone Happy Saturday hope you are having a great one!

Today I want to talk about the K-9 Tints! Did you know you can change the look of your K-9 by adding one of these awesome tints? Read all about them right here!

The Sunrise trait gives your K-9 a yellow tint. The sunrise trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.


The Sunset trait gives your K-9 an orange tint. The sunset trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or 1 starter with any other K9.


The Rose trait gives your K-9 an Rose tint. The Rose trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Mint trait gives your K-9 an Mint tint. The Mint trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Lilac trait gives your K-9 an lilac tint. The Lilac trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Periwinkle trait gives your K-9 an Periwinkle tint. The Periwinkle trait comes from breeding two “Amaretto Special Edition K–9 Devotion Dalmatian” together.


The Royal trait gives your K-9 an Royal tint. The Royal trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.


The Cherry trait gives your K-9 an Cherry tint. The Cherry trait came with the 2.0 Dog Update.


The tint trait CAN be passed on however you can NOT have 2 tints on the same K-9.  So get your K-9 ready for a new look and add one of these awesome tints! For a closer look check them out on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!

The last Showhorse is…….

Hey everyone its FRIYAY! I hope that everyone had a good week! So a few of you guys have been asking what will be next months show horse.
Well im here to spill the beans and tell you, but first i have a big announcement!

March will be the last month that we will do showhorses! The month of April we will take a break and there will be no monthly animals to breed for.

Now what will come next? You never know!

I dont want to keep you guys wondering to much longer! So starting March 1st until March 31st any time you breed together any 2 Overos, you will have a chance to get an Overo Show Horse!

Here is a list of the Overos you may use to breed for the Overo Showhorse:

Overo Amber
Overo Clover
Overo Azure
Overo Berry
Overo Prism
Overo Gold
Overo Orchid
Overo Ebony
Overo Ivory

(thanks Marku for the pic)

For the Fire Elemental breeders remember you have the entire month of March too!

Remember from February 1st to March 31st you could get a Fire Elemental Animals!
K-9 breeders you will need to breed any Rottweiler to a K-9 with a Firey Hunter Eye! You will have 2 months to try to get a Fire Elemental K9!

If you want to get your hands on a Fire Elemental Chicken you will need to breed any two Chickens with Shades Fire! You only have February 1st to March 31st so get to it!

Ponie breeders from February 1st to March 31st if you breed a Cherry Bandit to a Masquerade in Tangerine you will have a chance to get a
Fire Elemental Ponie!

Good Luck everyone! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding!

I need your HELP!

Hey guys!! We are almost thru the week and made it to the weekend! I need your help!
As most of you guys know I maintain the lovely well used and needed wiki pages for Amaretto!

Help Ava? With what you ask? Well unfortunately I am not perfect! I know big surprise! I know that everyone uses the wiki and likes it, I can use your help with maintaining it! Sometimes things are overlooked and not added to the wiki, I try to ensure this doesn’t happen but sometimes it does.

I would like for everyone to please let me know via notecard if something is missing off the wiki, if there is a typo, or if a picture is missing. Just make out a notecard and link me the page that there is an error or simply let me know whats missing then send it on over to Avalon Crystal! Please dont send more than one notecard!

I will be working hard to get anything missing on any of the wikis added, and to be sure that all wikis are up to date with the newest traits!

I appreciate all of your help its a big job! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!