Learn All About The K-9 HUD!!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend! Today I wanted to take a moment to share with you a feature for the K-9 that is often an over-looked feature that is so much fun! I am talking about the K-9 HUD! Take a look below where I tell you about this nifty little HUD!

To get a K-9 HUD you can click on any of your Amaretto K-9s and that will bring up the main menu. On the menu you will see Help.

When you click help that you will get another menu that has a button on it labeled hud.

By clicking the hud button you will receive a K-9 hud sent directly to the objects folder in your inventory.

Go to objects folder and find the hud, right click it and go to wear. It will attach to the upper left hand side of your screen. You can adjust this if you wish.

What each button on the hud means :

Black bar along the top:
Name of K-9 connected to hud

Small Black “Hide” button; when clicked will hide your K-9 hud to the left of the screen

Large half circle: States what mode your K-9 is in Fetch.

Connect button: Looks like a plug with both ends together. This is to connect your K-9 to the hud.

Disconnect button: Looks like a plug with the ends not together. This is to disconnect your K-9 from the hud.

Green ball: This button, when clicked, will bring up a menu to get a ball, stick, newspaper or leash to play fetch and/or walk with your K-9

Fetch : This button is to play fetch with your K-9

Stay : This button is to make your K-9 stay put

Come : This button will call your K-9 to come to you

Follow : This button will make your K-9 follow you

GPS : This button can be used to set your K-9s settings
Animations (avatar petting a K-9):

This button, when clicked, will bring up a menu which has petting options as well as the walk animation.

To connect your K-9 to the hud, click the K-9 and then click the hud button on the menu then click the connect button on your HUD.

Make sure your K-9s movement is set to physical before connecting to the hud.

To disconnect your K-9 from the hud click the disconnect button
To play fetch, get a fetch item from the green ball button as described above (ball, stick or newspaper) and wear it from your inventory objects folder.

Click the fetch button on the hud and go into mouse look (bottom of your screen) and left click to throw the item.

Your K-9 will run to fetch and bring it back to you. To change the range on how far you throw the item, click the item in your hand and set the range from the menu given.

To make your K-9 stay put simply click the stay button and they will stay where they are and not follow you.

To make your K-9 come to you click the come button and they will come.

To make your K-9 follow you click the follow button and they will follow where you go.

The animations button will bring up a menu to pet your K-9 or to walk them.

To pet your K-9 choose one of the different “size” animations.

To walk your K-9, wear the leash (from the green ball button) and the K-9 will connect to the leash and you can walk them around on your sim.

Give the K-9 HUD a try and see how much fun it can be to interact with your K-9!

Until next week Happy Breeding !!!


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