August Events and ARU Class Calendars!

Hello everyone!! On Wednesday we had such an amazing time playing Pictionary with our breeders! We gave out a little prize to all that attended! We have many fun events planned for this month. Our events are always a good time and sometimes we even give out some prizes!! I also want to take a moment to remind you all about the Amaretto Ranch University (ARU). At ARU we provide no cost classes to help educate you on our products, consumables, how they work, and we even have classes on protecting your investment. I am including the calendars for our events and the ARU classes offered this month.

Upcoming August Events:

August 18th AMOC Community Meeting 4pm slt

August 21st AMOC Community Meeting 1pm slt

August 30th Amaretto Community Meeting 1pm slt
















I hope to see you all at our next event!!

Until next time…


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