Recap on 2016’s Breeder Choice Awards!

Hey Guys

It’s Friyaaaay \o/, bring on the weekend!

Since Amaretto’s 7th Birthday and the Breeders Choice Awards are just around the corner, I am going to do a recap on last years winners since there are a lot of new faces out there in our awesome Amaretto community!

Last year we had a lot of awesome nominations, you can check out this connection here for the list of nominees: Click Here

There was a lot of voting done and Amaretto proudly announced at their 6th birthday party who the winners were, here is the list of those winners:

Best Auction House:
E & S Breedables

Best Breedable Market:
Minx Farms

Best Third Party Product:
Petrades Marketplace, Dackedidi Miles

Best Amaretto Collection:
Lamia Starspear

Favorite Trend-setter Horse:
Angel Of Death

Best Auctioneer:
Snookiegirl Resident

Most Creative Breeder:
BlueQuinn Resident

Most Helpful Breeder:
Shaun82 Resident

Most Comedic Breeder:
Pam Nikitin

Biggest Spammer Award:
MsCharms Resident

Winners Connection Link: Click Here

We had some awesome winners last year so let’s get nominating for our favourite nominees this year!

I can’t wait for Amaretto’s birthday, it’s always a great come together for all the breeders to hang out and party with the Amaretto team.

That’s it from Bazza this week, have a great weekend everyone and catch you all in the groups.


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