Breeders Round Table 11/7/2017

Hey everyone! I wanted to take just a moment to thank all of you that came to the Breeders Round Table! I was so excited to host and moderate this event, and of course if you know me it was hard to keep my mouth shut too LOL!

I would really like to implement some of the ideas that you guys had today! I was uber excited to see so many people to show up! I think that everyone was really awesome and had very good points to bring up today.

I will work on when we will have the next Breeders Round Table. If you were not able to attend the meeting we have published it on youtube:

Thank you to everyone who came and shared and I can’t wait to see what changes will come!

I t just goes to show you Amaretto does have the best community in all of SL! So stay tunned for some exciting things! This is Ava over and out!



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