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Hey everyone! This week has flown by hasn’t it? We are all about to be thrown into Holiday mode! But before we do lets look back at all the spooky surprises that came from this years Halloween Edition Animals!

The Horses were hiding 4 brand new saddles!
Leather Toxic
Black Leather Toxic
White Leather Bloody
Black Leather Bloody

You can check em all out here:
Remember these DO have the ability to pass! I know that these saddles will add another cool trait to the Bloody Horses!


The Ponies got their 10th trait! Horns!!!!
Twisted Pickle
Twisted Murky

You can see them all posted on the wiki:
This new trait is so exciting I can not wait to see it on the ponies everywhere!


K-9s were hiding and rather well I wanna add
Dipped Ear Bloody
Dipped Ear Toxic

These new Dipped Ears are gonna look really cool on all those Toxic K-9s!
Here is the complete list of Dipped Ears

The Birds had special surprises as well 3 brand new Legs!

Check out the complete list of BB Legs here:

There has been so much newness, I hope you guys like them! Well this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!


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