Night Fall


Hey guys its a Terrific Tuesday! I wanted to take some time out of the holiday hustle and bustle that is going on right now.

Were you able to pick up any 2017 Limited Edition Fall Horses? Well if you did then you might have just been lucky enough to get a surprise one of five brand new wings!

Who can get one of these new nightfall wings? Anyone breeding 2017 Limited Edition Fall Horse!
How many do 2017 Limited Edition Fall Horse do I have to have to get a new wing?
You only have to have 2017 Limited Edition Fall Horse!

If you know your Amaretto Horse history you know that the first wings came from 2012 Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horses!

So we thought it would be very appropriate for the 2017 Limited Edition Fall Horse to pass some brand new wings!

Here are all the new wings:

Cornucopia Night Fall

First Frost Night Fall

Ice Wine Night Fall

Pumpkin Night Fall

Autumn Leaves Night Fall

Remember you can put opals on these brand new wings and they will look amazingly different! Check out all the opal wings here:

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day and got some awesome drops! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!



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