In Memory of Maleficent Auction !

Hey everyone its a wonderful Friday! I wanted to take just a moment to talk about something that happened in the community yesterday!

We started working on a In Memory of Maleficent Auction Tuesday and we were all prepared by Thursday!

E & S Breedables hosted a all Amaretto Auction yesterday at 4 pm!
We were auctioning off Horses, K-9s, Banryard Birds, and Ponie Pals!
I think Snookie would have tried to sell me for such a good cause,

100% of all sales went to Tм Aмαreттo (Tmzasz Luminos), Maleficents rl son to help cover funeral costs!

When the auction started we had over 71 people on the sim and we did not have 1 no sale! The auction lasted for a astonishing 5 and half hours bring the last panel in at 9:32!

Maleficent will be missed by Amaretto and the community!

Together we raised 344,255 Lindens!

I have to say a big thank you to everyone who donated, purchased, attended, Snookie for calling and hosting the auction!

I love how strong we are when we come together and what a difference we can make! Ty so much and we will always have Maleficent in our hearts and minds!



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