Retrieving Archived Group Notices

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

I’ve noticed several chatters in the groups say that they didn’t not know how to access back notices. You should always check archived notices so you don’t miss important Amaretto information, especially if you have notices turned off. So here is a brief tutorial on how to do that.

To retrieve past notices, you will need to go to the Group Profile. Group profiles can be navigated to by pulling up your groups listing, clicking on the group to highlight and then clicking on ‘Info’ from the buttons on the right side of the box.

If you are in a chat group, you can get to the Group Profile also. You will noticed buttons at the top of the conversations box. If you hover your mouse pointer over them, one will say ‘Show this group’s profile.’ Click on that and the Group Profile box will pop up.

Once you get the Group Profile you will select ‘Notices’ from the top and there you will see all the notices within the last 14 days. Click on a notice to see its text; if there is an attached object, click Open Attachment to take a copy of it into your inventory.

Now you never have to miss a notice, because you can always go back and view it! I hope you found this information helpful.

Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING!



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