A Horse With No Name?

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

“A Horse With No Name” may have made a good ’70’s song title but it’s not good for your Amaretto Breedable Horses (or Bundles, K9s, Kennels, Barnyard Birds, Nests, Ponie Pals and Baskets)!

As we all know, Second Life can have issues and these issues can cause duplication of breedables, disappearance of breedables, or incomplete transfer of breedables. When this happens, we need information to replace/remake your breedable, such as the name and/or UUID number. If you leave your breedable with the Amaretto default name, it can make it harder, many times impossible, to find. So please take the time to name all your breedables.

When you get a bundle, kennel, nest, or basket, and you decide not to birth it, name it before you take it into your inventory. Names can be as simple as using a number.

Naming also has a second purpose and that’s to help you track your breedables for various things like easy organizing of your inventory or prepping for an auction. So remember even giving it a simple name can help us help you and help you keep track. Be creative and start naming your breedables today!



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