Designer Breedables

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! Today I would like to share with you some awesome breeder designs that have been submitted by our talented community and encourage you to send yours in as well!

The project does not have to be completed but details should include what the completed project stats should be.  Here are the links to our current designs that you can find in our albums

Breeder designer horses Coloring Book

Breeder designer horses XXL

Breeder designer horses Into the Light

Breeder designer horses The Dark Side

Breeder designer horses XXS

Breeder designer K-9s

Breeder designer Barnyard Birds

Breeder designer Ponie Pals

And you know what is missing?  You are!  So what are you waiting for learn all about how to submit your designer horse, K-9, barnyard bird or ponie pal in the AMOC Designer Protocol & Submission Procedure on the AMOC forum page

Until next time this is Snookie saying Happy Designing & Happy Breeding!!


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