March Newness!!

Hey everyone its a thrilling Thursday! I hope that everyone is making thru the week ok. I wanted to take time to show off to you all the last in line for our monthly Birth Flower Horses, K-9 Zodiacs, and Birth Stone Birds!!

I know I am sad that this set of animals is now complete! Who knows what Amaretto will come up with next! If you have a suggestion and want to share it be sure you send your suggestions into Amaretto!

Without further a due, presenting to you the beautiful Daffodil Aquamarine Icelandic!

Take a look at this Aquamarine Daffodil Eye that DOES have the ability to pass!

I can’t wait to see all 12 Birth Flower Horses in one place!

If horses arent your thing maybe K-9s are! This months Pisces Aquamarine English Bull Terrier completes are K-9 Zodiac Set! I hope that you were able to get your sign!

Remember that the Zodiac Pisces Eye and Collar DO have the ability to pass as well!


Well if Barnyard Birds are your fav check out this March Aquamarine Bird!
I am in love with the March Aquamarine Eye as well!


This months animals were especially awesome to me! Lets all wave good bye to Birth Flower Horses, K-9 Zodiacs, and Birth Stone Birds and hello to whatever surprises that Amaretto has in mind for the future!
This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding!


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