Hats Off To Our 2018 ARU Graduates!

Happy Friday to all of our Amaretto Community! Today I want to take a moment to congratulate all of our graduates! We had ARU’s 8th graduation ceremony and celebration today and it was a blast! We would like to thank all of the graduates, the  instructors, and the best community for all that you do! Amaretto would not be the #1 breedable in sl without all of you! I took a few pics to share with you below but first, congrats again to all of our graduates! We hope you enjoy your graduation gifts, you deserve it!

Sprinkles Monday
Marloo Redd (MarlooRedd)
Suzy Martinek
Silvi Canning
Roisin Baryl
Rocco Gobble-Noodle (Roccoraser Bombastic)
亗 Harold 亗 (valex Susanowa)
MДЙŲξĿ (AaronMagnus87 Resident)
GeminiDesire Resident
DebLynMac Resident
tarazz Fallen
LilRaven Ghost
Bcreative Wilde Heart (Bcreative Wilde)
illy (Illyria Illyar) 4027b1d6-de1e-4cac-b59e-1d4fade8dd48
Şτεƥђäηιε Łуηη ℜσşε (Stephan1eVamp Resident)
Elektra (elektra Haystack)
Jewel Kyrie
ℒogi 乃lood尺ayne Дrizona (logan Weder)
Crystal Glasswing
Laura Darnay
Cris Admiral
Hailey Bernstein
Crazy Patre (Rene Mehrtens)
Nathaniel Windlow
ĿΛDY ĿΛŔΛ (LadyLara Laville)
λƦίλ ℬαявαѕz (Pa1sl3y Resident)
WillowSerafin Resident
ღ Andalinae Renoir ღ (Andalinae Resident)
MЄԼƖƝƊƛ (Paipere Resident)
xMFx Resident
– ̗̀ єммα ̖́- (Emma Laurent)
亗 ZΔЯΔ 亗 (Zara Vanderbor)
Joytibloom Resident
Teella Resident
ƸӜƷ тαzєя ƸӜƷ (donnaj Firehawk)

If you haven’t attended any ARU classes you are missing out! You can learn a lot of information and after you finish all classes you can be a part of a coming graduation!

Happy studying and breeding!

Until Next Time…


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