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Hello everyone its another Terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto and I wanted to talk to you guys about something that i have been asked numerous times lately.

First of all Amaretto has 2 different websites 1 for tickets that looks like this:

To register to file a ticket please use this link:

If you are already registered you will use this link to login and file tickets:

The above urls are to file tickets only!

If you are trying to sign up for the social network it will look like this:

If you are not registered all you have to do is click on join and finish the joining process.


I want to talk what the profile address is. The profile address is to customize your profile url. For example I put 7 as my profile address so my profilea ddress looks like this:

So its basically its just a way to make your urllook better and is completely optional. You could make it your sl name like this:

remember you only need to put in the last word do not put in this also as it will give you an error!

So if you haven’t registered with the website please go to and sign up!

Remember that the 2 different website may look very similar but both have different logins so be sure to know you are registering on the correct website and as always if you need some help just drop me a note card in world! Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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