Barnyard Birds Have Class!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Over the weekend, a breeder asked, in group chat, “Is it possible to have an age 0 chick with 50 percent vigor?”  The answer was “Yes, depending on it’s class.”  So I thought it would be good to spotlight the different bird classes and what they entail.

Similar to social classes, a Barnyard Bird Class is a status hierarchy!

Starter Bird Class:


  • All Barnyard Birds begin with the Starter Class.
  • They each come with possible hidden traits. The hidden traits may or may not be Non-Starter. It is important to remember that the hidden traits may or may not drop in the first nest or even the last nest.

Non-Starter Bird Class:

Jester Class

  • Never goes below 75% vivacity

Romeo Class

  • Never goes below 50% vigor

Juliet Class

  • Gets an extra breeding cycle (13 instead of 12!)

Bird of the Line Class

  • Will never sleep
  • Never goes below 100% stamina
  • Never goes below 75% vivacity (Jester Class)
  • Never goes below 50% vigor (Romeo Class)
  • Gets an extra breeding cycle (Juliet Class)
  • Bird of the Line also gets any traits from future classes released

You can find the Barnyard Bird Classes on the Bird Wiki:

Learn about Barnyard Birds Classes (and more) in Class!

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  • Breeding, Companion & Incubating Birds
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  • Getting to Know the Breedable Bird Menu
  • Global Peck ‘n Sort (GPS)
  • History of Barnyard Birds
  • Sick Birds
  • Unpacking & Basic Settings
  • Wiki & Bird Sanctuary
  • Your Birds As Pets

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