The Storm

Hey Everyone!
With all the hot weather around the world recently it’s time for a good storm to clear the air.
Speaking of Storms…. I wanted to show you this awesome K-9 design! – The Storm!

Eve Greymoon won the create your own K-9 coat at the All I Want For Christmas Auction and this is her design:

“On December 8th, 2017 Amaretto will host a All I want For Christmas Auction! Amaretto auctioned off the chance for a breeder to create their very own K-9 Coat!
Eve Greymoon was the winning bidder on the Create your own K-9 Coat!
After working with Amaretto designers this is the K-9 she has created The Storm!
The Storm coat DOES have the ability to pass!” – Check Wiki HERE

It’s a super cool design!
That’s all from me today everyone, Hugs Marku


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