Are You A Clue Sleuth?

Start perfecting your hunting skills because the AMOC hunt is back for another round! Coming up THIS weekend, August 10th – August 12th, AMOC members will have a chance to hunt across 20 sims for Bundles (Bun), Kennels (Ken), Nests (Nest) and Baskets (Ket), as well as special prizes!

The hunt will begin on Friday at 10AM and end on Sunday at 3PM. Hunting is limited to AMOC group members only and group invites will be closed during the hunt. To join the group, please contact any AMOC Team Member, prior to the day of the hunt, and they will be happy to send you an invite.

What is AMOC?

AMOC is an acronym for the Amaretto Market Owners Coalition. This group was created to bring market owners and breeders together. And, as the group charter suggests, “to promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market.”

Keep Those Donations Coming!

Please keep donating those bundles, kennels, nests and baskets. It’s generosity that makes events like this possible and we couldn’t do it without YOU!

You can find a list of current donation boxes here:

The hunt attracts a lot of breeders and that can mean positive traffic for your sim or market. If you would like for your sim or market to participate in a future BunKenNestKet Hunt, watch for registration information to the next hunt by signing up on our website at: and/or by following us on facebook at


The AMOC Team:
Snookie (Snookiegirl Resident)
Jester (JesterofSorrow Resident)
Tazzy (Tazzy Balbozar)
Blush (Blush Topaz)
Zev (Zev Luv)


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