September Mystery Sale!

Hey guys I hope everyone is enjoying for the Amaretto 8th Birthday celebration. Today is the first day of the month so that means a new mystery sale!

This months mystery sale items are:

Barnyard Bird Flu Shot

Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination

Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit

Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie Noodle Soup



It everything you need to bring your animals back to good health!
These items will all be discounted 50% You can stock up on these items because they will not go bad in your inventory!

On Sept 1, 2018 you will also receive double points for each of the following:
Ponie Points
Kennel Cash
Horse Cents
Henny Pennies

Double points will only be available until 11:59 tonight! Thats not all the surprises we have for you guys to day sooooooo stay tuned!


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