Hello Community!!!

Today we have a very special announcement to make. We have been asked many times “is Amaretto going to expand into another grid?”. Well we have the answer for you, Yes. Amaretto is proud to announce that we will be expanding our Amaretto Breedable Horses into InWorldz. Now if you would like to be part of this new adventure we are taking beta applications. You will need to sign up for InWorldz at http://inworldz.com/ and send a notecard in InWorldz to Richie Carami with your full name and beta tester if you want to take part in the beta testing.

I do want to add that just because we are expanding our breedables into another grid we are not stopping production here in Secondlife. Secondlife is where Amaretto started and it is where we will always be.

With that being said I am sure many of you have questions and we will be here to answer them. We will also be having special Q&A sessions over the next few weeks regarding Amaretto expanding into InWorldz.

Happy Breeding Everyone and we hope to see you in both worlds 🙂


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