Spotlight on a Golden Gift!

Hey, Hey, Hey! Happy Thursday everyone!  This week with the weather being so terribly hot for many of our friend in Europe I got lucky and have a very hot project a member of the community is going to share with us all!

FairyKiss Delicioso and I spoke today and she told me about her project horse which I absolutely adored.  However, my favorite part of our conversation was when she told me that she reads my blog and has actually been inspired by it!  That’s awesome for me to hear as I hope each week that I write my blogs that the Community uses them as inspiration for their own projects.

So here is what FairyKiss had to say about her project the Hephaestus’ Gift in her own words.

Everything began with “Flame in my eye”. What  a name…!!! One of Benny Springflower’s Elemental Fire Coats. But I needed to find her a proper stud… Fire in my Blood. More Elemental Coats moved over from Benny’s …. at least 4 and one I won at Ducky’s Auction from a fishbowl…


Hephaestus’ Gift: The Molten Roans with the Anniversary Hair and the bright shining elemental eyes seem to come directly from a volcano. Only the Elemental Fire Coats themselves shine brighter.

Lava from a volcano and the beauty of an elegant horse reminded me of the ancient legend of Hephaestus – the master of fire and gold and the beauty of his wife Aphrodite.


my perfect Hephaestus’ gift has the following traits:


Coat: Molten Roan Gold

Eye: Fire Element

Mane: Long

Tail: Long

Wings Branding

Wild Hair: Amaretto 2nd Anniversary Horse


The brandings wing or lightning are optional… wing a little gift from Hermes and the lightning from Zeus himself….


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful project with all of us FairyKiss!  Check out the pictures of the beautiful Hephaestus’ Gift horses below!  Remember if you have a project you would like to share with everyone please contact me and you could see your project blogged on here!


Until next week Happy Breeding.


hephaestus gift1 hephaestus gift4 familypicture1


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