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Not about Cancer, but it is close to me

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    November 13, 2015 5:02 PM PST

    Hello Amaretto family. I am writing about something that is dear to me. I know that this should have been written some time ago. But, this month does something to me, especially the 16th.

    Some of you know me as Dark or Dark Wolfy. What most don't know is that I was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder 15 years ago. If you may not know, Asperger's is on the low end of the Autism spectrum. Ever since I was diagnosed, I wanted to be able to find out some way to express this aspect of my life. I want to thank Amaretto for giving me the chance to do it now.

    Given that different breeders works on projects for different reasons. Some do it for the honor of making new trends. Some do it for the perfection of the trait unity. I, on the other hand, want to show that no matter what anyone has, they are just as much as a person as anyone else. A few months ago, I found a bundle with the 2013 Autism Awareness eye. Even though I started breeding her late, it became the start of my project. Her first offspring passed me the eye on a stud. In the short amount of time, I have started working with the rainbow traits to go along with the eye itself. I have now have all of the them, including the Saddle Rainbow, Saddle Rainbow Heart, and MRQ coats. My project will be considered completed when I have all of the traits together, with the eye, on the Utopia coat, the MRQ coat, and mixing traits with the colorations of the ribbon.

    I want to once again thank Amaretto for this opportunity. If all else fails, at least I had fun with this project.



    Michael Monroe aka Wolfy