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by tammy tevis in Questions about April 28, 2017 open - report

Horses for May

I learned that Hawthorn Emeralds and Akhal-Teke are the horses to have for May for I guess a special coat or eye? I have a male with the Akhal-Teke Russet coat/Diamond Eye and the female is an Akhal-Teke Dove/Diamond Eye. Are they suitable for the special Month or is there specifics that I need? Any help would be appreciated, thnx!

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    by Crystal Glasswing about April 29, 2017

    Hi Tammy,

    Your Akhal-Tekes will work just fine, but you need to breed them to any horse with a Hawthorn Emerald eye for a chance to get a special horse!

    As Amaretto said "From May 1st 2017 until May 31st 2017 when you breed any horse with a Hawthorn Emerald eye to any color Akhal-Teke you will have the chance at a Hawthorn Emerald Akhal-Teke! This beautiful coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass, but the all new eye DOES."

    I hope this helps answer your question. Happy Breeding and Good Luck!

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