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by Chevelle Hutchison in Questions about June 15 open - report

not breeding

I have a pair of horses that have sat at 100 percent fervor for almost 3 weeks, female is not pregnant yet.  I've tried taking them in nventory and reset,  they are both set to the same group and is set on group only, still nothing.  Any other suggestions?  

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    by Selene Luv about June 25

    Make sure there happiness is 100%, and Fevor 100%.. if they r not happy.. they wont mate.. provide salt licks for them, salt licks makes them happy.. Amarettos breed with only Amarettos of any kind... 

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    by Avalon Crystal about June 15

    If you need some help please file a ticket @

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    by Crimson Bellic about June 15

    Make sure they are the same versions if not then they won't breed. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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