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by Scotia Doc in Questions about November 12, 2017 open - report

Forever Foal Potion

I have a version 5.0 Retired Amaretto (age 622) that I want to use a forever potion on. I have rezzed out the potion right next to my horse but when I click on consumables on the horse I can not find the potion listed. All I see is Preg. Booster, Preg. 5%, Sugar Cubes, Passion Pill, Am. Cocktail, Healing Kit, Horsey Snac and Endur. Elixer. What step or steps am I missing to change her over to a forever pet?

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    by blush topaz about November 17, 2017

    Nedra is correct. The Forever Foal did not become a consumable until the 5.5 update. So your 5.0 needs to be updated to see the consumable in its menu.

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    by Nedra Ansar about November 12, 2017

    You probably have to update her first to 5.5, which then gives you the forever foal option on the consumables menu. This can be done while the horse is still sick.

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