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by Kalina Blackheart in Questions about January 4, 2018 open - report

sick horses

OK I have 2 horses. both are sick cause ive not really fed them.. they have been in my inventory HOW do i fix them?

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    by JaymeeCaproni about January 4, 2018


    If your horse reaches 100% nourishment and gets sick it will take 3 days for your horse to recover on food or a healing kit will be required for faster results. This one time use kit will heal one sick horse and bring its hunger and thirst down to 0%. You will need to rez food near the horse so that it can continue to eat and not become sick again! To get food or the healing kit you can visit the link below for all of Amaretto store locations.

    I hope this has help you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in world.

    Thank you!

    Jaymee Caproni

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