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by Ravnfall97 in Questions about June 25, 2018 open - report

A bit new and quick question

Hi all!! So what are the numbers on the bottom of the bundle stats for? Is there a database I can see what that horse will look like? Thanks!!

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    by blush topaz about June 26, 2018

    The number is a UUID (universally unique identifier) and is used to identify information in computer systems. Just about everything in Second Life has one, even your avatar. 

    As Luna stated, there is no horse database, but you can find a photo of all horse traits on the Amaretto Horse Wiki. 

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    by Luna Barak about June 26, 2018

    Hello, the numbers at the bottom of the bundle is an unique ID number that identify it inside the database.
    And there is not a database that combines traits till putting together the horse of your dream so you can see how it would look but there is a complete list of Amaretto horse traits that you can see in the Manual here:

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