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by Neasa Quandry in Questions about November 4, 2015 open - report

Foals and Happiness

Hello, I am a beginner with the horses, I was curious about foals and their happiness, I cannot ride them as they are both just 2 days old and their happiness is really low, near 33%... 

1) Should I have a salt lick out for them yet? I honestly thought that they wouldn not need this until age 7, but I have already bought both salt lick and breeding food.

2) What is the best way to get their happiness up? Would the sugar cubes and apples take care of that until they are able to breed?

Thanks in advance :)

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    by Avalon Crystal about November 4, 2015

    Different  people do different things, you can put a salt lick out  or ride them at the age of 7.  You do not have to give them a salt lick until they are  7 days old.  

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