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The newest addition to the Brown Family Horse Ranch! I was at an auction at WestCoast Breedables and the random raffle machine passed me over something different! I didn't know what it was until I rezzed it on the ground and saw the little pie basket of a PonyPal! Hesitant at first, a tough looken guy like me ... ; ) ... took a look at its stats anyways before passing it off ... BUT THEN ... I saw it. I saw the word Independence and wing. "The Pony Pals have American traits to!?" I couldn't give away the little Pony. So I went to see how much their food is .... though about it ... and now I'm the proud owner of my first PonyPal. My daughter laughed at me holding it LOL Amaretto ... sucking me in one spangled animal at a time. HA! ... I do have a soft spot for their little sleeping sounds though ... Ha ha!