Belinda Waggener's Album: Forum Photos For a designer LE

THIS COULD BE THE BODY WHITE WALKER OR ANYTHING WHITE WITH SHORT N UPRIGHT HAIR BLACK WHITE N GOLD WITH A LONG TAIL A GOLDEN BROWN DUST AS THEY RUN AWAY FROM SMOKEY THE HOOF CAN BE PAINTED BLACK WITH GOLD TIPS YOU PROBLEY DO SMALL VERSION FOR PONY PAL ON A WHITE FABULOS K9 AS A BEAGLE OR A GREAT DANE COLLARD LEATHER WITH A GOLD FIRE BIRD THE EYE BLACK AND TRUE ALBINO WITH THE GOLD FIRE BIRD AS WELL BANDIT RHODE ISLAND RED WITH THE COWBOY HAT AND MUSTASHE AND THE BLACK GOLD FIRE BIRD EYE SMOKEY SILVER GREY DORKING WITH A SHERIFF HAT WITH THE SHERIFF BAGE EYE WITH A CIGAR JUST ADD: _____________ if you want to do the k9 the same way as the chicken on " bandit" blue jeans and red shirt with a black cowboy hat small firebird gold with shades if you brown belt with a silver buckle with gold fire bird on it with a mustache with boots same eyes firebird gold paited 1 black and 1 true albino eye smokey sheriff brown outfit with black belt silver buckle with a gold painted badge on it with black shoes shades n a cigar and a badge on the hat same badge as the black eyes