Zero Tolerance!!

  • Hello everyone hope you are all doing well. I wanted to take some time to talk to you all about something serious. It has been brought to my attention that there seems to be a few breeders that are in world that are selling Amaretto Breedable Food for horses or any other animal.

    If you are selling food you are in breech of the Terms Of Use that Amaretto provides to all breeders that have ever bought anything from Amaretto.

    I am in the process of looking into a few breeders taking advantage of this, selling or buying food from anyone other than Amaretto is wrong. It is not fair to the fellow breeder who do buy from Amaretto.

    I have already talked to a few of you about this situation but I want it to be known for everyone, if you are buying food from anyone besides Amaretto, you will be in breech of your TOS with Amaretto. This could result in the following, ban from Amaretto, Amaretto Groups, Amaretto Sims.

    I would ask that if you are selling or buying food from other avatars that you please stop as I do not want to have to take action against anyone. Please do the right thing for the community and only use food and consumables that you purchased from Amaretto.

    If you know someone who is doing this and want to let us know, please feel free to send a nc or a message in world to Avalon Crystal you will remain anonymous.

    Amaretto hates to and takes banning someone from our products very seriously, however if you are selling or buying food that is not from Amaretto this is a reality for you and all you are selling to.

    Please share this with your friends, market owners, and all breeders!
    I am very upset and sadden by this but I will not let others take advantage of the Amaretto community, and will take a zero tolerance policy. So please remember if someone ims you or approaches you to buy food from them not only are they in breech of our tos but if you buy from them so are you!!