Community Questions Sep.10,2010

  • The Amaretto Team would like to extend a big thank you to all of you who sent in questions. We did our best to answer the majority of the ones we received and if you find there are still questions you are having about the Amaretto Horses please be sure to let us know. 

    Will the Bundles have a Hover text? 

    Yes the bundles will have hover text that will show the stats of the baby, except for gender.  

    If they do have a Hover Text, will it show if the Bundle is “Charmed” 

    Yes if your bundle contains a Charmed Horse it will show in the hover text.  

    Will we get Elders (after the 120 day breeding period) 

    No they will just be retired horses 

    Can a mare be sent to another avatar who has a stallion and after she is pregnant be transferred back? I know they can be transferred, but not sure about when pregnant. 

    Yes mares can safely be transferred when pregnant.  

    Will the charmed horses inherit their specialty? 

    A charmed horse will increase your odds slightly of having another charmed horse but they do not pass on their specialty.  

    Will the Charmed horses be available with the first foals already and if not… what do the parents need to be so we can breed one 

    The Charmed horses are random  

    Will the studs fighting with each other about a mare? 

    No these breedables will not fight or harm each other in any way.  

    Some horses are dropping badly in happiness and some are down to less then 10%. is that normal and will they recover without riding and salt lick? 

    When the horses are under age 7 there happiness does not effect anything, they will still eat and do everything else horses should do. When they reach age 7 which is breedable age then happiness will play a factor in breeding. In order to get happiness up you will have to ride them, give them sugar cubes or put a salt lick out for them.  

    Are the horses “freezing” inside of the boxer and will the box show the stats of the horses? 

    The box shows the stats of the horses and just like when you have a horse in your inventory, the next time the horse is rezzed out the stats catch up to where they should be.  

    Is there a limit or a recommended number of how many horses feed from the same food? 

    Only limited by space and prims 

    Can new baby horses eat pet food as long as you switch them to breeder food before age 7 or will that trigger the 7-day cool down? 

    The 7 day waiting period starts when you switch the horse from pet food to breeder food no matter what age they are.  


    What, if any, are the breeds that are not the starter breeder packs that we have to work to breed for? 

    We will not tell you what the “hidden” breeds are because that would take all the fun out of it.  

    Why do the horses legs and heads turn into spheres when they move? 

    This is due to the sculpts loading 

    When we buy or trade horses do we need to box them before we do this? 

    No you do not. The horses may be bought or traded without boxing.  

    If horses from different people are set to group will they breed with each other and the baby does it go to who ever owns the female horse? 

    Each horse has to be set to group under the mating menu in order to breed with horses in that group. The bundle will belong to the owner of the female.  

    Can I breed with other owner’s horses? 

    Yes that is what the mating option is for , so that you may breed your horses with someone else’s. 

    Can I pick them up in inventory without hurting them? 

    Horses can be taken into inventory without hurting them but their hunger will rise in your inventory. So be sure to take them out of inventory before they become hungry enough to get sick.  

    Will appreciation coats be available in other “charmed” horses later? 

    The Appreciation Coats were a One of a Kind, One time only horse. They are NOT Charmed Horses.  

    Can the horses be make pet-able and able to follow you around and play later down the road? 

    As of now we are striving to give you the best possible breedable we can. We do plan some additions that we are sure you will enjoy.  

    Are there hidden traits in the horses? 

    The horses have one hidden trait and one shown trait.  

    What happens to the horses after 3 days of no food do they die or go into a coma state? 

    After 72 hours without food your horse will become sick and need to be healed with a healing kit. You will be able to tell your horse is sick because it will show in the hover text and the horse will turn green. It will go back to it’s normal appearance once it is healed. You should try to heal your horse as soon as possible so that you do not lose any time from the breeding since your horses only breed up to the age of 120.  

    What does it mean when my horse has a horseshoe over its head?  

    The horseshoe over its head has to do with the loading of animations. It is nothing to worry about and once the horse continues with its next animation the horseshoe disappears.  

    What does “Send API” mean?  

    We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.  

    What are horsie snacks for? 

    Horsie Snacks decrease a horse’s hunger and thirst by 10%.  

    After “retirement” is there any point in the horse’s life that they “die” and become totally non-functional? 

    They breed for 120 day at which time they retire from breeding and become a pet.  

    Would adding extra scripts to the horses break them? 

    You cannot add extra scripts to the horses as they are no modify. However, editing the contents of the horse will break them.  

    Can we ride the female while she is carrying a foal  

    Yes you can ride it and it will not hurt the mare or the foal she is carrying.  

    If a pairing is broken is there any penalty? 

    NO you are not penalized for breaking pairings. 

    I just rezzed my horse and it’s all wonky, it’s sleeping! 

    When you pick up and move a sleeping horse sometimes its prims don’t line up just right. If the horse is rested enough you can wake him/her up, if it’s too tired to wake up just give it a little while, it will be ok when it wakes up. 

    How many prims are the horses? 

    Each horse is 14 prims, the food is 2 prims, so for 1 starter pack (4 horses) you will need 58 prims total on your land. 

    Salt licks read 0%!! 

    First of all, salt licks are used as a buff to help with breeding the horses don’t need it before they are of breeding age, so you may want to save the salt lick till then. 

    Check the description field of the salt lick. Right click and choose edit. You will see something that looks like:  

    42: Owner Only 

    the 42 is the number of “licks” left. The hover text may display wrong but the description field is what is important. 

    What do I set my food to for feeding? 

    If you are feeding the horses you own only set it to owner only which is the default 

    If you have friends you want to allow their horses to eat your horse food, make sure they set their horses to the same group as the food and you can set it to group only. 

    If you want to feed anyone’s horse that passes by, and don’t want to worry about group or who’s horse is eating, set it to ALL. 

    Something is wrong/broken/help what do I do? 

    Open a ticket: 

    I can’t advertise in the ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables group where do I advertise? 

    There are a lot of advertising groups out there, a good one to join is the official Amaretto group: 

    ~Amaretto Advertising Network 

    Why are there 3 females to 1 male? 

    1 Male can ‘service’ three females due to the fact the female has a recovery period and the male does not. Once the male breeds he will start building fervor again right away. 

    Female: Mating, 3 days pregnancy, 4 days recovery period, 2-3 days to build up fervor 

    Male: Mating, 2-3 days to build up fervor 

    Why does it say 2-3 days to build up fervor instead of an exact time? 

    Fervor builds up based on certain stats being met. The horse needs to be well fed, happy, and rested for fervor to build up. There are a lot of items you can buy to speed this up, salt licks increase happiness, there are actual fervor pills that increase fervor etc. So if you want to you can do things to speed it up. 

    Can I buy things to speed up pregnancy or the female’s recovery period? 

    Nope, don’t wear the poor girl out! ;P the pregnancy will take 3 days, and she needs 4 days to recuperate. The building of the fervor after that time can be sped up a little with items you can purchase. 

    How much sleep does Lexxure get on a daily basis? 

    Sometimes he gets about 6 hours sleep but during release times we allow him 1 hour naps at most.