Are you Connected?

  • I wanted to take a few moments today to talk to you about how you as Amaretto Community members can stay up-to-date on all things Amaretto.

    We have several groups that you can join at any of our 28 Amaretto locations! No group space available? Join our hippo group, also at the locations, and you will still get the important information needed to be in the know.

    ARU Classes: There are classes weekly at the University sim, they don’t last long and you can really learn something you didn’t know.

    Question and Answer times with CSR’s: Almost daily you will see a notice from an Amaretto staff member holding mini questions and answer times that you may attend.

    Events every month! We have several events every month some old favs and also new exciting ones where everyone is sure to have a blast.

    AMOC Meetings: Meetings held monthly with designated officers that you can take your suggestions, concerns, and just talk shop with as well as even more fun events coordinated by the AMOC officers and the community.

    Amaretto Forums: Theres a whole big forum out there where you can ask and answer each others questions.

    Please join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed, also join our social network to connect with other Amaretto Breeders

    Are you participating in these things? I hope so! It is why we spend hours planning such events and gatherings. It’s to bring you the customer closer to Amaretto and Amaretto close to you. Often I like to say how we are one big family! When you are plugged in you know about the latest and greatest things happening at Amaretto. I do hope to see you at the next Amaretto community event!