Double Haven Points and New Haven Horse!!

  • We are very excited to announce our newest haven horse the Zebracorn. This super cute horse will be hitting the grid Saturday September 27th! Just like all the other haven horses, the coat does not pass, but the super cool eyes do have the ability to pass, but wait there is more!! Breed the new Zebracorn with any other horned horse and have a chance at one of the horns seen on these beauties, and maybe another hidden surprise, will have to breed them and see! There are four colors that are random from the bundle as well as random gender. The Roach mane does have the ability to pass but the Lion tail does not. 

    So what could be better then a new haven horse? Double haven points too! From midnight 12:00am SLT until 11:59pm SLT Saturday September 27, there will be double points for horses, k-9's and birds! So get those points ready and grab you a new Zebracorn!