Special Horses from Le's??

  • I would like to address the "issue" of Limited Edition horses have special offspring, ie: Elemental, Galaxy, Zodiac, Confection, and Dazzle horses. Let me first tell you a little about how Limited Edition horses work. Because they do not generally pass their coat and eye, or have a "chance" at passing the eye, they have more then one hidden trait. For example, an On the Farm horse does not pass the eye as a hidden it has a "chance" of passing, so what is the "dominant" eye then? Well this is where the extra hidden eye comes into play. If it has a hidden dominant, as we call them, of a say Dazzle eye, and is bred to another horse with a Dazzle eye, then they potentially can have a Dazzle horse.

    This is nothing new to our Limited Edition horses. They have "worked" this way from day one. I know people get excited and think there is something wrong, but trust me when I say, that there isn't and this can and does happen all the time. So just think, you may potentially get a special horse from breeding Limited Edition horses together, you just never know!
    Hope this clears up some confusion, and Happy Breeding!