6th Birthday Fiesta and Annual Breeders Choice Awards!

  • Amaretto is busy planning our 6th Birthday Fiesta!! We have an awesome party planned. As always we will have live music, prizes and so much more! Stay tuned for more details!!

    We will be having our 4th Annual Amaretto Breeders Choice awards! These awards have been a hit for the past 3 years, how could we not have them again?! So come on down and pick up a notecard and nominate your peers and/or each other for the following categories:
    Best Auction House
    Best Breedable Market
    Best Third Party Product
    Best Amaretto Collection
    Favorite Trend-setter Horse
    Best Auctioneer
    Most Creative Breeder
    Most Helpful Breeder
    Best Comedic Breeder
    Biggest Spammer Award
    There are a lot of awesome people and breeders out there if you know one please take the time to nominate them so that we can give them a little recognition at our Fiesta! So come on down and get the notecard from the Nominees Trophy located at all Amaretto locations and fill in who you would like to see win an award and drop it back into the Nominees Trophy, it's that simple. Once we receive all the nominations we can start the voting!