Amaretto Comeback Packs!!

  •      To Our Wonderful Community Members... past and present...
    Did you know that Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC was established September 2010 by Josaphine and Jaysin Cooperstone with the release of Amaretto Horses into Second Life. After 6 amazing years, we at Amaretto appreciate every single customer we have. We have grown very close to a great number of the community members and we have lost track of a few. To those who have strayed away from Amaretto Breedable Horses for many different reasons... we ask... "Where are you? We miss you! We haven’t seen you in a while?!" And so... to reach out to our community and to those who have lost sight of the amazing world of Amaretto horses we are saying "Comeback!!!" And to do so, we will be offering a Comeback Pack to everyone who has ever owned, raised, and bred Amaretto Breedables Horses!

         The Comeback Pack includes a male and female bundle of our special Comeback Horse, random color and one of each of the following: Amaretto Brand Breedable Food, Amaretto Brand Salt Lick, Amaretto Cocktail, and The Passion Pill. The awesome coat and eye DO have the ability to pass from ANY breeding. These packs are free, one per avatar, to anyone who has owned Amaretto Horses as of September 23, 2016. These packs will be available until October 6, 2016, so spread the word to everyone, we want to thank the ones still here and welcome everyone back to the wonderful world of Amaretto Breedable Horses!