A.R.U. 7th Graduation Planned!

  • Wow! It's time for another graduation at A.R.U. We have many applications coming in and we wanted to give everyone the heads up! Our 7th (yes 7th!!) Graduation is scheduled for Friday January 27th 3pm slt. So if you need to finish up a few classes, and you do not see them listed on this months schedule, please contact Avalon Crystal or Jaymee Caproni and they will schedule a time to get you caught up. As always there will be a fun filled party afterwards with some awesome Amaretto prizes given out to the crowd. Speaking of prizes, we also have some very special gifts planned for our graduates as usual. So mark your calenders and get those applications turned into the mail box, it is sure to be a blast!



    GreenWitch Babii
    Ɓαѕтιαη Hαχ (Bastian Hax)
    Mαrĸυ Mαrɢυlιѕ (Markus Margulis)
    ღShayne Winslet Heldღ (Shayne Winslet)
    ღ ℓucу βℓαշεωοοd - Ðᴀʀᴋғᴜʀʏ ღ (LucyAdelia Resident)
    XxmandyxX Nansen (XxMandyxX Magic)
    Lívia (Lisbeth Placebo)
    Popeye Dawg
    Caruso Somerset
    Lamia Starspear
    SaShA (xxAlEkSaNdRaxx Resident)
    ღПОЛИНАღ (xxPolinaxx Resident)
    Pαм Sħαđøω ƁяєιƖ (spicyheav3n Resident)
    Ƈσвяα ƁяєιƖ (cobra11 Breil)
    billy Qendra
    Music Alter Held (Music Alter)
    Vϊсτoɾϊα Łγηη 尺ϊсђαɾđѕ (pizazz Resident)
    Pat Moonwall (Patrica Ragu)
    AlleeRj IBreeder QualitY (AlleeRJ Resident)
    Luscious Sapphire 
    Donna Doodles (donna Redrose)
    MystiqueStarr Resident
    Fyodor (FyodorCorsinova Resident)
    Junior Lennier
    Kaci Kohime
    Earl Rodenberger
    Adelle Folland
    τɾϊсκγ (LilTrick Wirefly)
    Ray Borgnine
    Crystal Dawn (CrystalDarlene Resident)
    ѕнαυи ℬαявαѕz-Ŋoodlε (shaun82 Resident)
    Saphire Castillo (SaphireRoz Mahogany)
    M̷a̷Z̷j̷i̷c̷a̷l Hαх (pam Nikitin)
    亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (Emma Xorbun)
    Haylofter Resident
    Mickey (MickeyMousey Resident)
    LANNSON (LannyPhilemon Resident)
    Ɓℓυє Ɗąຮɧωøøđ (BlueQuinn Resident)
    Golden Caramel
    乇ℓιzα ℬαявαѕz-Ŋoodlε (Eliza Stoneshield)
    CARLY BOVARRO (carlylee Button)
    eclipse (boo9boo Resident)
    тαźźу Scαɹmοи™ (tazzy.balbozar)
    ᴅᴀʀᴋ ꜱᴏᴜʟ (Vladmir Ferraris)
    Tor Bluewood

    亗 Storm 亗 (DjStormx Resident)
    Andy Unplugged

    angemagali Solo
    Sian Nansen (welshgoddess)