Phantom Horn Bundle Updater Fix!!

  • Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Thursday! I wanted to touch on an issue that we are aware of with all regular horses that have the saddle and wing trait. These horses may have a white, non-textured horn sculpt attached to a horse that does not have a horn showing in the stats. We have released a bundle updater to help eliminate this issue. All you need to do is head on down to any of the Amaretto Ranch Breedables Horse store locations and pick up the new Bundle Updater box. The Bundle Updater box will say FIX on it. All you need to do when you receive a bundle that is a regular horse model with the wing and saddle trait together, is update it using the Bundle Updater Fix. This will eliminate the white, non-textured horn sculpt from showing up on that bundle once birthed. You can then birth the bundle and have no further issues with it showing the white, non-textured horn sculpt. This will also eliminate the need to file a support ticket once the bundle is birthed and has the extra white, non-textured horn sculpt. I am including somethings you need to know about the updater:

    1. You can update up to 15 bundles at one time

    2. The bundles have to be in range of the updater (5m radius)

    3. Bundles must have “SUCCESSFULL_BUNDLE” in the UUID to be updated

    4. There is an option to turn on/off range indicator on the updater (must have particles enabled on your sl viewer)

    5. Can only update a bundle once and will only update 2.4 and higher bundles

    Updater instructions:

    Rez the updater out and select “range on” from the updater menu. Place up to 15 bundles within the range area of the updater and select “update” from the menu. ***DO NOT PICK UP BUNDLES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***. When the updater reads “Done” you may then pick up your updated bundles and repeat to update more bundles.



    Happy bundle updating and breeding!

    Until next time……