Birthday and Breeders Choice News!!

  • Hey guys its that time of year again and guess what?! Its time for Amaretto to celebrate another wonderful year here in secondlife!

    You guys know we always like to have a HUGE party for our Birthday and this year will be no different!

    So it is my pleasure to announce to you this year you are all invited to
    Amaretto's Lucky 7 Birthday!

    We will celebrate and party all day on September 1st! We will have lots of surprises, prizes, and entertainment!

    If you have not gotten to experience an Amaretto Bday party get your dancing shoes on and prepare for lots of lag! JK!

    So Amaretto turning 7 years old also means its time for the 5th Annual Breeders Choice Awards!

    We have changed it up this year by adding and taking away some categories! Here are the following categories for 2017!

    Best Auction House:
    Best Breedable Market:
    Best Auctioneer:
    Best Amaretto Collection:
    Most Creative Horse Breeder:
    Most Creative K-9 Breeder:
    Most Creative Bird Breeder:
    Most Helpful Breeder:
    Most Comedic Breeder:
    Sexiest Breeder:
    Wiki Wizard:

    How fun to have some new categories this year! So we are taking nominees starting today 8/10/2017 until 8/18/2017! We will gather all nominations and the top 5 will be added to the website for voting!

    So you guys need to go show all those auctioneers, sims, and breeders who you couldn't breed without how much you support them and nominate them today!

    To nominate someone for a Breeders Choice Award all you have to do is visit any Amaretto sim and look for this sign and trophy. Here are the instructions to submit a nominee.

    Create a notecard and copy/paste the categories with your breeder choice for each. When completed, drag the saved notecard from your inventory onto the suggestion box.

    I can not wait for September 1st! We will have soooooo much fun! Happy breeding everyone!