The Support System and You…..

  • The Team thought it would be a good idea to share some information with the community regarding the Support System to make the process a little easier for everyone (us and you).

    We treat all support tickets as individual cases. So what one person has done for their issue may not happen with your issue. This is why sometimes the tickets take longer then others because more information is needed for some issues. Please believe us when we say we are trying our best to get every issue handled in a timely manner as best we can. Please work with us when having support issues as this will help the process move smoothly. This includes providing clear explanations of what issue you are having, uuid numbers and parent information are always helpful. Naming your horses is always important and it is extremely difficult to find which Amaretto Breedable Horse is having the issue.

    We understand that filing support tickets can be a pain and we of all people wish it was not even needed, but with Second Life being well Second Life it is necessary. Being hateful and nasty to the staff in your support tickets does not do anyone any good, so please keep that out of the Support System.

    A frequent issue in the support tickets are the Bad_Bundles.
    To better understand why Bad_bundles are an issue first lets visit how the bundle gets its stats. The mare drops the bundle and sends the uuid of both parents to the bundle, then the bundle contacts the server with this info and gets its stats back from the server.

    When you get a Bad_Bundle the info has been interrupted during these communication processes. The miscommunication with the server and the bundle can be caused by many things. SecondLife issues (which are many), high script usage on the region where the horse has dropped the bundle, server issues etc. We have scripted the horses to try and resend messages if this happens but these issues can and do still get in the way. This Bad_Bundle also can happen when the mare has multiple bundles, the first is viable but each bundle after is not and in that case the Bad_Bundles are extra non viable and will not work. Bad_Bundle can not always be replaced so we do offer other ways to make up for the loss of a bundle. These include but are not limited to, resetting the fervor on the parents of the Bad_Bundle; this is why it is important to include parent information in your ticket about the Bad_Bundle.

    Another frequent issue is missing horses.
    Missing or lost horses are almost always Second Life issues, but we know how long it takes to get responses from Linden Labs so we do recreate these horses and return them to their owners as best we can. We do not have the entire uuid of the horse when it is missing/lost therefore they are returned to you with basic stats. We cannot recreate pregnancies so if your horse is missing/lost during pregnancy it will no longer be pregnant when it is returned to you. Again it is very important to have your horses named and uuid numbers recorded just in case you need them.

    Do not wait to file support tickets, please file them as soon as you have an issue. The quicker we can address your issue the better for both parties involved, us and you. Be sure to read through the Ticket Guidelines on the Support page before filing tickets. Sending private messages and notecards to the staff will not help with your issue, we handle everything through the Support System please respond only through your ticket (not the email you receive). Remember to log back in and check the status of your support tickets because tickets that are not responded too within 3 days by you will be closed. If you have issues logging into the Support System send a notecard to Tmzasz Luminos in-world and he will assist you with your log-in.

    Hopefully, this clears up any misconceptions about a couple of the more common issues and will help you in filing your support tickets. Customer Service is a top priority with the Amaretto Team and we want everyone to have a good experience when asking for and receiving support.