The Facts RE: Amaretto vs. Ozimals

  • Since it is now public record we feel that it is time to make a statement regarding Ozimals, Inc and Amaretto Breedables, LLC.

    In early November Ozimals sent a cease and desist letter threatening to file a DMCA against us claiming we had infringed upon their copyrighted game. We in turn hired a copyright lawyer and sent a letter back to them with all our info spelled out from script creation dates to methods used by other breedables that came before both us and Ozimals. Even with that proof, and with no correspondence from their lawyer to our lawyer, on December 1st Ozimals filed a DMCA against us with Linden Labs. Regretfully we had no choice but to file a counter DMCA on December 9th and the TRO/ Lawsuit against Ozimals on December 15th. Please know we did not initiate any of this, we are only defending our products and our customers who have invested time and energy into these products. This is a trying time for all of the breedable community and we thank all of you who have supported us thus far.

    The Amaretto Team