December Mystery Sale Revealed!

  • Its that time again to announce the new Mystery Sale items of the month! Back by popular demand we are selling the Forever Foal, Perpetual Puppy, Beloved Birds and the Everlasting Ponie! All of these will be on sale for the entire month of December 2019!!
    How much you say? Well they will be HALF PRICE!!! 

    Forever Foal – 1,250L$


    Purpetual Puppy- 1,000L$


    Beloved Bird – 925L$


    Everlasting Ponie Single Pack 1,250L$ Five Pack 6,250L$

    Remember that since the last couple of updates you don’t even have to send your horse, K-9, Barnyard Bird or Ponies in to use them, they work like any other consumable! So there is NO wait time. These consumables will not go bad in your inventory sooooo go ahead and stock up!

    Well I hope everyone have a wonderful day and Happy saving everyone!