Whats New at Amaretto Mar.15,2011

  • The community has spoken and we listened……..

    New traits have been released into all new starter bundles/packs!!! Let me tell you something about these new traits:

    *The new traits are hidden traits. Meaning they will not be directly birthed from a new starter bundle. You will have to breed the new starter coats to get the new traits. ANY horse bred with a new starter will have the chance of having the new traits. NEW+NEW AND NEW+OLD=chance of having the new traits.
    New item added to the Horse Haven Vendors!!!

    *Memorable Haven Horse has been added to the Horse Haven Vendors. Please see Avalon’s blog in the Customer Connection for all the info about this new special horse!!http://amarettobreedables.com/connection/?p=115
    And for the cherry on top……..

    *We have opened all new Horse, Haven and K-9 Sims!!! Please come and have a look at our all new beautifully decorated sims with a new Amaretto Horse Main Store, Amaretto Haven Sim with all new single Haven Vendors, and preview our Amaretto K-9′s Sim with all of our adorable K-9 demos.




    The whole Amaretto Team has been working long and hard to make all of this for all of you, enjoy!!
    The Amaretto Team