Amaretto Breedables Network

  • Amaretto Breedables is seeking to get up close and personal with our community and we have found the perfect way to accomplish it. A social network of our own!

    To announce or not to announce that is the question. When we attempted the first launch of the new network site so many people tried to sign up we soon realized the server for the website would never hold. The Amaretto team went to work immediately on new servers, more coding and working the issues. May 8th we attempted to launch the site for a second time. Once again we were met with server issues due to the number of people attempting to sign up shortly after the notice was sent out in world. Once the server regained stability we decided to let “word of mouth” be the notice of choice. We watched overnight as more than 200 people signed up in the first 12 hours of the site being live. So what now? SHARE!

    We are very excited to share more and more with our community. We want to share images of all the variations of horses that you have bred and tips and tricks of the breeding trade. We welcome everyone that is a part of the Amaretto Breedables family along with those that may just be starting their adventure into breeding animals inside second life.

    There is so much you can do on the new network. Ask a question and choose from a variety of answers provided by other users! Vote on the best answer and help answer others questions.

    Upload to the Photo albums to share your favorite horse. Share the latest traits and the most unique combinations in your herd’s genetic pool.

    Tell us about your events and auctions! We will soon open the advertising section so your ranch can stand out.

    Make new friends and keep up to date with the latest news from Amaretto Ranch Breedables.

    More features will be added to the site including chat rooms and instant messaging.

    So much excitement all rolled into one network and we are not done yet. Stay Tuned…