Beta 2.0

  • Thank you all for your patience, we’ve been working really hard to get ya’ll the second phase of beta. Here’s a list of everything we’ve been working on to make a better horse:

        *   We’ve compressed and streamlined the scripts so they will run smoother and with less lag.
        *   We have re-done the walking animations of the horses now instead of 4 frames it only uses 2, by doing this we have reduced the jumping of the legs as well as the runtime for the animation scripts.
        *   We have created the other starter Coats and Colors for a total # of 16 Coats. All of the Starter Coats have been included into this version of beta.
        *   We have integrated the Gleam and Luster traits into this version of beta.
        *   We have integrated an update system into the horses.
        *   We have fixed the movement bug. So now when you turn off the movement it does turn back on.
        *   NO MORE HE/SHE’S
        *   The name does not reset after taking the horse into inventory.
        *   We also stream lined the communications between the horse and the server.
    We will be sending out the updater mid next week and it will update the following:

       *  The parental information is now saved in the bundles as well as the horses. The parents button in the menu should work.
      *  Horse riding, poses, height adjustment, walking animations for trot and gallop
      *   Sounds