Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center Autism Check Presentation

  • Tasia Tonic writes: I had the pleasure of visiting Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center on June 1st to present the director and staff with a check for $22,913.30. Money raised by one of the greatest communities online! The Amaretto Breedables community should all be very proud of what we have contributed to the lives of these children. I took a tour of the current and the future facilities. Little Bit offers so much to more than 250 children currently and will be able to double that when their new facilities are completed. It was interesting to see how much goes into treating just one child. I watched one little girl riding her horse and with her were up to 5 volunteers each with their own job to do. To make this happen  many people have to come together.  Little Bit hopes to complete its centers by 2013 making them the largest Hippotherapy riding center as well as a center for future trainers that will go throughout the country changing lives. These horses were precious and kind and very aware that someone special was riding them. Talk about a trait! Amaretto Breedables community...thank you for what you did!